I'm forever grateful to have had the opportunity to work with some incredible people and humbled at their reflections on their experiences:

Robyn D.

"Evan has made the term "healthy living" second nature (from hitting the gym daily to eating properly)- he makes it fun and interesting to learn about what is truly "good for you" and maybe "not so much". He has been there every step of the way and helps celebrate the smallest achievements. Constantly pushing me to be my best and reminding me that "I can do it" when I need it. He is always wanting to hear feedback on how he can improve his coaching skills while also helping me with my goals."

Emily C.

"Ev is a top of the line coach who offers a very personal experience; he caters to your lifestyle, schedule and any little detail that may impact your work out and nutritional routine. I am a VERY busy single mama that works full time, runs a home based business and works a part time job! Ev is available to me whenever I need him, tailors my program to what I need and is sure I am feeling satisfied with how everything Is going! All of this and we've not even had a face to face session outside of FaceTime. Though I believe in person training is ideal; it's not realistic for many of us. Ev is amazing! Thank you for all you do Ev!"

Catherine T.

"When you finally get the courage to change your lifestyle for the better, finding someone who is approachable, open minded, and understanding can be hard. You want someone who will level with you (understand you might mess up every once in a while), but someone who will consistently push you to be better every day and in every moment. Evan falls under every category and beyond. Not only is he a genuine person and cares for each person he comes into contact with, but he has guided me in the right direction from day one. He answered all my questions in a timely manner with thorough explanation and examples. He even checked in just to see how things were going. When I fell off the bandwagon for a little, he gave me a gentle push to get back on. I am very thankful and lucky to be able to work with Evan and have him guiding me to my goals. At the pace I am going I will meet goals this month that I didn't think I could reach until the end of the year. The PN program is really great, but Evan makes the whole thing just THAT much better. I highly recommend Evan to anyone is looking for a lifestyle change in diet and/or exercise no matter what point you are at. He is very knowledgeable, sincere, and takes pride in his work. I am very certain he will welcome you with open arms and get you right where you want to be at comfortable pace! Thank you Evan for all you do and continue you to do"

Heather B.

"When I took the first step to my wellness journey I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but I knew only good could come out of it. I felt physically and mentally tired, misguided, and not aware of myself or my surroundings. I was not being the best me I could possibly be and I ultimately felt lost. Everything surrounding health and wellness seemed so convoluted and intense but I wanted to learn; I felt like a carpenter without his tools. Evan has shown me how simple it really can be to be physically healthy, mentally present, and emotionally aware. The past six months have been the most overwhelmingly experiential point in my life. The things I have learned about myself, others, and the world around is invaluable, and is information that I will continue to build on and take with me. I am strong, confident, and mentally clear; I feel empowered and ready to take on the next chapter of my journey with determination and enlightenment. Evan truly loves what he does, and it shows in his presence, compassion, and commitment. His knowledge, experience, and genuine nature manifests through his work in the most positive way imaginable."

Molly G

"It’s hard to boil down the past 6 months working with Evan Cook but he has truly been an incredible life and professional coach. I came to him in the early stages of my career and with our bi-weekly conversations, I was able to advance and grow professionally in the workplace. His coaching and direction allowed me to take on leadership positions and inspired me to push myself beyond my current role. His outside perspective was a huge asset when it came to making a plan, strategizing, and leading me to find the answers. On every call we set a desired outcome and I consistently left the conversation feeling like I beyond achieved the goal and gained even more. Without a doubt I left every call with a greater sense of purpose and direction with what I needed to do. Evan helped me confront and be honest with myself; providing a supportive environment to take the next step I needed to make. Evan is a dear friend and I will forever value our relationship. His support and positive outlook will continue to inspire me as I take on a new challenge. Thank you Evan for everything and for helping me to become the best version of myself."

Jo M.

Dear Evan,
When you asked me to write about, Thoughts on my Experience, I was excited to do so. If sharing my experience with others will help someone take the next step in strength and  healing, I am all in.  
The Ebb and Flow of life is constant, success/failure, health/illness, ups/down.  When we stand too close, it’s all consuming and often overwhelming. 
Yet when we stand back and gain a new perspective, the Ebb and Flow seems natural and gentle.  
I sat down this morning and read the first paragraph of your newest letter “Detach Yourself And Get Excited”.   After a couple of days of struggling, it seemed serendipitous. The first paragraph alone, prompted me to begin writing (I will read your letter after I write mine)  
Just a few words is often all we need to change our outlook. 
I had been tired, discouraged by my bodies inability to regulate and feeling sad.  This is not the first time or the millionth time.  I needed to stand back!  I needed to remember my body and mind are a work in progress. 
Although my body is compromised, I have so much to be grateful for and I must utilize all of it.  It’s the perspective we take that changes everything.
When I hired you, my primary goal was to have you help me maintain a positive outlook.
Losing weight and gaining muscle were important, but secondary for me.  I also knew I needed someone whom I could trust with the very difficult task of my dealing with chronic illness and aging.  
Evan, you have become a very important part of my health and well-being.  The encouraging words are not only important in the moment, but the residual effect is life changing.  
The most important attribute that you have is your ability to accommodate me at any stage in my Journey to Wellness.  There are days I am “All Powerful” and there are days when arriving at the gym was my “All Powerful” moment.  Your celebrate that with me and you remind me that I can often do more than I think.
Above all the support I receive from you Evan, you are well versed, focused, and motivating.
You Practice what you Teach and you Love Life!  The ripple effect is contagious!!
I hope that my few words will motivate someone else to take the next step.  Creating a life that supports our nutritional and physical needs is the most important gift we can give ourselves.  
For some of us it is the difference between functioning and not functioning.  We may not be able to control everything, but there is so much in our control.  
I am deeply grateful for all of your support, kindness and inspiration. 
With Love Always,

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