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Tentative List of Keynotes and/or Workshops

Keeping It Together In Work and In Life: A New Take On Work/Life Balance.

Building An Integrated Life: Where The Line Between Work and Life No Longer Exists.

The Art Of Self Care: Take Care of Yourself  First To Change The World.

Start Before You're Ready: The Power of Figuring It Out.

Create An Unbreakable Life: What Does It Really Mean To Be Unbreakable?

Perspective Is Everything: How You View The World Define Who You Are.

Be An Unbreakable Leader: Step Into Greatness

Master The Basics: How The Small, Seemingly Insignificant Habits Lead To Greatness.

Who You Are Vs. What You Do: The Important Distinction Between Being and Doing.

Snooze Your Way To Success: Why Sleep Is Often The Difference Between Winning and Learning

The View From The Top: Stepping Out Of Yourself To See Your Self.

You Always Have A Choice: How To Reclaim Your True Power And Discover True Freedom.

Act Now: Because Action Is Everything.