The Food Journal

Food journaling is all about awareness and is one of the best assessments you can use.

There is no right or wrong with food journaling and you get to choose your focus. 

You can use food journaling to record what you're eating, how much you're eating, how certain foods make you feel, and even why you're eating.

There are more digital and analog food journaling tools than we can count but like everything else, find a way to make this easy for yourself. 

The practice of food journaling should be easy so find a way to make it easy enough for you to do.

Here are some ways to food journal:




Notebook and Pen

Take "Before" and "After" Photos of every meal

Focus Specific Food Journals:

Eating slowly journal worksheets - View attachment

Hunger and fullness - View attachment

80% full - View attachment

Physical sensations - View attachment

Emotions - View attachment

Eating Behaviors - View attachment

Athletic performance - View attachment

Food journal plus consistency checklist

Choose one method and GO. Don't overthink it. Seriously. Start with pen and paper if you have to. Be as descriptive or as vague as you'd like but make sure it's meaningful.