2x Week Mobility/Flexibility/Active Recovery/Rest

Alright, yes, that's a lot of backslashes in the title of this section but it emphasizes a point; you got yourself some options.

This is when all of the other work of tuning into our body really starts to pay off. Because when you listen, your body will tell you exactly what you need.

You've put in the work for the week. You got in about 3 days worth of resistance-focused work and factored in 2 days worth of cardiovascular work be it on the same days or over the course of the full five.

In this section, we're going to mainly focus on mobility and flexibility. We'll go into much more detail about targeted recovery strategies in a later section.

Mobility and flexibility, while arguably similar, are actually quite different. Just like anything else, however, both are a skill that takes practice.

Flexibility focuses more on your ability to stretch and lengthen your muscles.

Mobility focuses more about your ability to move through a range of motion with no loss in strength or power.

Both can be included in your regular training (before and/or after your main workout) or on their own. I recommend a bit of both. 

For now, start by watching this video below which is a combination of flexibility and mobility work. It's a 30 minute session.

As you learn some of the movements, start to incorporate some of them at the start and end of your training sessions. It shouldn't add more than 3-5 minutes on either end but might very well be the best 10 minute investment you could make.