Maintenance, Specificity, and Optimization

Once you've built out a solid foundational movement practice and you've reached any specific outcomes (weight loss, muscle gain, etc.), you begin transcending into a space that many never get to enjoy.

Most folks never get a place where they can truly enjoy having a movement practice. There's almost always some aesthetic goal attached to it.

By now you should know that I have no problems with aesthetic goals. What I have a problem with is the on-again off-again approach that most follow. It's all of the hype surrounding six-second six packs that has us in this place. The Perfect Fitness Framework was designed to change this.

I don't have much general guidance to give you at this point.

Because here's the thing:

At this point you should have everything you need to figure out what you need and then go do it.

Think you're ready for maintenance mode? Keep moving daily and enjoying your workouts.

Think you want to focus on some specific lifts? Start with refining your squat technique and programming for strength increases. Hire a squat coach if you need to.

Think you want to optimize your workouts? Begin tweaking some of the variables. Go faster. Lift heavier. Try new variations of familiar movements. See what provides the best results.