What Is The Way?

Dear Friends,

If you were to ever ask me what's the way when it comes to doing something, I'll never be able to tell you. 

Not because I'm holding on to something super secretive. 

Not because I don't like you (because I do!). 

But because there is no way. 

Well, there is a way, just not one way. 

There is my way. 

There is your way. 

But "the way" well, that's not a real thing. 

Why is this an important concept to begin to understand?

When we look for answers to our questions, we tend to want to use other people's answers as our own. 

He advanced in his career so I'm going to do what he did. 

She lost weight so I'm going to do what she did. 

They grew their business 10x so I have to do what they did. 

While I admit there is some benefit in learning from others and modeling his or her path, viewing their way as THE way is dangerous. 

Know where you'll end up? Frustrated. 

In six months when it didn't work you'll find yourself frustrated, confused, and about ready to give up. 

The good news, it's not that difficult to forge your own path. 

First, figure out why you want to do something. The why, the intention, is usually the most important piece. 

Then you can seek out others that have done what you want to do and learn from them. 

And finally, take the pieces that work for you and let go of the rest. What sounds like it will fit into your life and your goals and your dreams?

Use that. 

Then go do it. 

Then go learn some more. 

Then go do that. 

Adapt as you go. Respond to what shows up. 

Focus on YOUR way and you'll get there. Every. Single. Time. 


With Love,


Evan CookComment