We All Wear The Captain's Hat

Dear Friends,

There are an infinite number of ways that I can tell you that we're the only ones in control of our lives. Only we can determine how we will live, breathe, and show up each and every day.

I get it. Saying that, at this point, is a cliché.

Maybe it is. But it's also true.

Another great way to look at this is how Orison Swett Marden describes us as the Captain of our ship.

No captain would ever last very long if he cowered away from anything other than blue sky weather. As Marden says in his book, Making Life a Masterpiece,

"What would become of a sea captain who whenever he saw a fog settling down on the waters, or a storm coming up, would turn his ship around and sail back to the port he had left? You know he would lose his job and be branded as an incompetent and a coward."

If you're reading this, I know you're not a coward nor are you incompetent. But I also know that challenges may arise that may test your resolve.

Challenges are fun. At least, they can be if we want them to be. Having fun is quickly becoming my guiding philosophy (it always has been but now it's becoming a conscious choice), and I choose to have fun as much as I can. Remember, struggle does not imply suffering.

All endeavors have their challenges

But it's not the challenges that matter. It's how we deal with the challenges and how true to our course we're able to remain even in the heat of battle.

And that's where the role of the captain comes into play. No matter what comes his or her way, be it when sailing the high seas, leading a team to victory, committing to a new lifestyle, or pioneering a new initiative, it's the captain's job to stay true to the course.

For us, our course is our purpose, our direction, our mission, or our vision. It's our job to remain on this path and have as much fun as possible.

Because when we stay on course, AND have a grand ole time, magical things happen right before our eyes.

Let’s set sail, not toward the life of our dreams but the life we define by the consistent, powerful choices we consciously make.

A life where we show up each and every day to do our work.

The journey will be challenging, but the best things are always worth the effort.

With Love,



Evan CookComment