Unexpected Fat Loss Lessons from Baking Banana Bread

It's fun when you can draw comparisons from one area or aspect of your life and apply it to another.

When it comes to baking, I often try to follow a recipe but honestly I usually just wing it.

That’s right, I bake. That right, I use flour, sugar, and butter (though I buy the best quality I can find). That’s right, baked goods made with the aforementioned flour, sugar, and butter can easily fit into a healthy lifestyle and diet.

I've been working on a dope Banana Bread recipe for the past few months, and the last couple haven't come out as light and fluffy as some of the ones in the past.

Two batches ago, I didn't have any baking soda, and the result showed it. The bread didn't rise at all, so it was very dense and almost doughy. Edible, but not ideal.

The last batch came out much better, but the bottom part of the bread was still a little gooey even though it was fully cooked. Probably needed a bit more flour.

What I love about this process is it's all an experiment. Try a little of this, try a little of that and then use the outcome to learn and adjust.

Experiments are fun. Yes, I obviously want a great tasting loaf at the end of it all but if it doesn't come out perfect, I'm not going to get frustrated and let it ruin my day.

Compare this to how we approach our fitness and nutrition goals. Generally speaking, there's a recipe for success whether we want to lose weight, build muscle, or have more energy. We just have to find a way to modify this recipe so it works for us.

I can give you a template to start, but we have to build out the rest ourselves. The process of building that personal "recipe" is just as much of an experiment as my banana bread baking example above.

I was missing an ingredient, so I didn't get the results I wanted.

I didn't have enough or had too much of a different ingredient, so I didn't get the results I wanted.

But with each iteration, each experiment, I got a little closer. I found the things that worked (most of the recipe) and the things that didn't (no baking soda, not enough flour, etc.).

Now I know what to try next time. Honestly, adding more flour still might not work. Maybe I'm adding the right amount of flour but too much liquid. Maybe I'm not using enough baking soda or baking powder. I won't know until I try again.

Do you notice how little expectation I have for myself? Or the only expectation, really, is simply trying until I get what I want?

Why does losing fat or building muscle have to be any different?

Why can't you use each week of workouts, each week of eating as an experiment to see what works and what doesn't?

Now, I know how we look and feel about ourselves is very different from a loaf of banana bread. But the process we take to move closer to the body, mind, and life we want doesn't have to be.

I try to approach everything as an opportunity to play, experiment and explore - to find what works and what doesn't - and I encourage each and every one of my clients to do the same.

Just like my last two rounds of baking weren't a failure, you're not a failure if you're not losing fat or building muscle as quickly as you think you should.

Learn to put what you learn into practice. Make micro-adjustments and refinements as quickly as possible. Use every situation as an opportunity to go from saying “this will work for me” to “how will this work for me?”

Curiosity is at the heart of any experiment. And every experiment is an opportunity to move closer to your goals. The more experiments you have, the faster you’ll get there.

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