Today Is Your Day

Dear Friends,

Today is your day.

What this looks like is completely up to you.

After all, it’s YOUR day.

You see, I think we often lose sight that our days are, in fact, our days.

We get so overwhelmed with commitments and responsibilities that there’s nothing left for us.

It wasn’t like we were forced to do this or that. We chose to do it.

So when we’re not making any progress toward the things we want, there is no one to blame but ourselves.

Now, I admit blame may be a harsh way to describe this scenario, but it emphasizes a point:

Everything in our lives is our fault.

Again, seems harsh but stick with me.

Remember how I mentioned that this is your day? Well, guess what!? This is also your life.

Nobody can live it for you.

Your life is your life. Your goals are your goals. Your dreams are your dreams.

We need to focus on ours and let others focus on theirs. We can offer support or ask for support, but it’s all ultimately on us.

And while this may seem like a significant burden to bare, embracing it may be the most empowering thing that we could ever do.

Have you ever heard of the victor versus the victim mentality? There are a few other analogies used to describe this as well so you may have heard one of the derivatives.

In our lives, we can either play the victor or the victim. The winner or the loser. The person who accepts responsibility or the person who doesn’t.

You see, when we accept that everything in our lives is 100% without question our doing, then we quickly recognize the power that we have.

But when we feel life happens to us, not because of us, we lose all of our personal power.

It’s as if we’re this helpless onlooker who can only watch as our lives pass us by.

Are you sure that’s how you want to live your life?

Maybe it is. And if it works for you then great. But I’m guessing if this is you then it probably isn’t working out so well.

But let me tell you this, in each passing moment you have the power to choose how you will show up.

Each moment is a new opportunity to affirm or deny the stories that we’ve been telling ourselves.

If you’re telling a story that no longer serves you, change it. Right now.

Remember, today is your day. No one else’s. Take back your day. It’s your day. Do with it what you will.

With Love,



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