This Step Is The Most Important Step

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
— Lao Tzu

The most important step in any process is the first step. 

Without the first step, there are no other steps. This sounds too simple and silly to compare this the intricacies of the human life. 

Simple, yes. Silly, probably. Any less important?


Going from inaction to action is one of the most monumental shifts we can make. 

Talking about something is not action. No one ever accomplished anything by merely talking about it. 

All great things start with the first step. Not the first two steps. Just one. The one step that starts it all. The one step that continues to build more and more momentum. 

This momentum will build and build until one day, anything that you want to see come to life, does. With enough consistency and effort (yup, that's really all there is to it) you will have mastered the art of taking action. You will be a person that can literally create whatever his or her mind can think. 

Imagine the power you’ll have. You will confidently know that you can do, be, or create anything. This is the life I’m working to build each and every day. What this looks like to me will likely be very different for you. That’s cool. Really cool. Though, please do share what that means to you.

What would your life look like if you could do, be, or create anything, simply just by taking that first step?

Evan CookComment