The Here And Now

Dear Friends,

The only real constant in our lives is change. Or so it's been said.

Change is something that can be challenging to accept. The first time we experience something in our lives that we so desperately want to hold on to forever, we are often forced to face the reality in sometimes less than pleasant ways.

The so-called "glory days."

But those days come and go. As they should. After all, "this too shall pass" applies to all things - not just what we deem to be "good" or "bad."

The thing of it is, sometimes the glory days weren't so glorious at all. But we hold on to a few select happy memories.

Now, before you call me a curmudgeon, happy memories are amazing and should be shared as stories with as many people that will listen. They are fun and I will always welcome the opportunity to reminisce amongst my closest friends.

Where we can get into trouble is when we spend too much time in these memories or the feelings from these memories. We're stuck in a world that once was but is no longer. Instead of moving forward and creating something new, we attempt to relive an experience that cannot be recreated.

And yet, the here and now is all we have. Each moment is the only moment that we are guaranteed. And in each moment, we have the power, the opportunity to make it amazing - whatever amazing may look like to us.

I bet if we looked back, the moments that we often refer to the most are the ones in which we were so very much in that moment. We were present, focused, fully there and aware. The moments that seem to matter the most, or at least stick with us the longest, are the ones we experience completely. Sometimes with friends. Sometimes alone. But always utterly present.

It may not be easy, but we have it within us to choose how much of our energy we put into any situation. We always have that choice.

I say we go all in.

All in as often as possible and in as many ways as possible.

When we do, I'll bet we would find that what we were looking for was right there before our eyes the entire time.

We just weren't looking. We were too focused on something else. Where our focus goes, our energy flows.

So, my dear friends, give each and every moment everything you can muster. Experience the here and now with vip and vigor. I'll be right there with you with a smile on my face.

And always remember, a smile has the power to change the world.



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