Take your MEDs (Move Every Day)


Dear Friends,

Our bodies are designed to move; literally created, crafted, and molded for movement. 

Whether it’s to run, walk, climb, push, or pull, our bodies are incredible. 

And yet, how do many of us spend our days? Sitting in front of the TV. Sitting in front of a computer. Sitting in the car. 

Despite this inherent design and proclivity for movement, we seem to do a lot of things that require we sit (or stand) still. 

Sitting has been compared to smoking. I think that’s a bold comparison, though it certainly got my attention. But it got me thinking about the dangers of a stagnant life. 

If the demands of modern day life require we stay in one place for extended periods of time, what are we to do to combat this? 

The answer is simple, but I know the implementation can be a challenge: 

Daily Movement.

More specifically, a commitment to daily movement

What do I mean by that? Is that some kind of fancy way of saying I need to get to the gym?

Nope. Well, not quite. 

We often go to the gym or “work out” with mixed intentions. Maybe we’re stressed. Maybe we’re trying to lose weight and burn fat.  

Maybe we’re there because we think we should be but we don’t really know what we’re trying to accomplish. 

That’s not what I’m looking for. 

I’m talking about moving in a way that makes you feel happy, focused, and alive. 

This does not have to be a 40 minute all out WOD at your local unconventional training facility or Crossfit box. Nor does it have to be 10 miles ran or 20 miles biked. 

What I’m talking about is something specific and deliberate.

This could be a simple yoga flow you do each morning. 

Or the walk you take after you eat each night.

I’m a fan of the 15-20 burpees I do every morning before I get in the shower to take on the day. 

The only purpose behind this movement is from a place of respect for your body’s natural inclination for movement. 

This isn’t some weight loss hack, although you might be surprised what happens.  

This isn’t some productivity hack, but I’d be hard pressed to believe it doesn’t contribute in some way.  

This is about committing to yourself.  

This is about respecting yourself.  

This is about taking care of this incredible machine we’ve been given so that we can do, be, and achieve whatever we want. 

Movement is life.

Get your daily dose of life and move every day.

With Love,


Evan CookComment