Superfoods Don't Exist

This is one of those things that pains me to say because I know how much many of us wanted to believe that all of our problems would be solved if we ate this certain classification of foods.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill nor is there a magic food.

The term superfood holds as much weight as the term "natural." It's all marketing. While I'm not huge on unnecessary regulations, having standard definitions for what certain terms mean is incredibly helpful.

Because pound for pound, kale is probably more of a superfood than chia seeds and I'm pretty sure you can save a couple bucks on goji berries and just eat blueberries. 

Now, please don't let this deter you from eating such foods. There are benefits to having a variety of different foods in your diet. But understand that these foods, as good as they may be (I'm particularly food of goji berries), don't possess any magic powers over their supposed less-super counterparts.