Start With One

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Dear Friends,

My focus is on my vision, my direction for my life. I've never done well with goals. Life changes too quickly for me and I like being in a position to respond instead of reacting.

Remember, that's just me. I still think goals are great and incredibly powerful. Really, I use goals interchangeably with my vision or purpose. They all mean the same thing to me: focus.

But this focus is nothing if we do not take any action

Action is everything.

If we do not take action, we do not make progress. If we do not make progress, we do not accomplish anything.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. But the journey doesn’t begin until taking that first step.

The focus on the first step is an important one. It’s important because it emphasizes simplicity.

Running 100 miles can be daunting. Taking a single step is simple.

No matter what we’re trying to accomplish, figure out that first step. Just the first step. Start with one single step.

The momentum will build from there. But don’t worry about that just yet. Focus on the first step and only the first step.

Want to begin training and exercising? Start with a single pushup.

Want to eat differently? Start with one meal.

Want to begin reading more? Start with a single page.

Want to begin writing more? Start with a single sentence.

Want to start a business? Start with one idea.

Want to start meditating? Start with one minute of focusing on your breath.

Often, we want everything all at once. We want the goal, but we avoid the journey.

That’s not how it works.

It took you your entire life to get where you are. You’ve been on a journey the whole time.

Changing course is not going to be easy. That’s ok.

You’re strong. You’re powerful. You’re ready to be and do whatever it takes.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the size of the goal. It’s supposed to scare us. That’s how we know the goal is big enough. That’s how we know we’re making the right choice.

Break it down into stupidly small chunks so we can build momentum and learn to love and embrace the journey.

Remember, action is everything. All we have to do is start somewhere, anywhere.

Be bold.

Take that first step.

With Love,


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