Question Your Defaults

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Dear Friends,

There is little reason to consider the default as the only option.

And yet, many times that’s exactly what we do.

This is not a matter of simply playing the proverbial hand we were dealt.

It’s forgetting that we nearly always have the opportunity to fold our hand thereby getting a new one dealt with little or no repercussions.

I get it, though. We’re often told that we should just play the hand we are dealt.

That’s the common thinking. But if common thought were your jam, you wouldn’t be here.

But what then, are we to do?

We ask questions.

Make curiosity one of your greatest assets.

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat. And if it did, who gives a shit? We’re not cats.

Because here’s the thing, when we start to ask better questions, we get better answers in return.

And when it comes to our lives - in any area - we owe it to ourselves to ask the best questions possible.

Here’s an excellent way to practice.

Consider something you’ve always done a certain way.

Your morning routine. Your choice of coffee of tea. How your prepare your coffee or tea. The internet browser you use. Anything along these lines will work.

Once you’ve considered something, ask yourself why. Why do you use a particular type/brand of coffee or tea over the thousands available? Why is your morning routine the way it is? Why do you use Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari?

Now, this is the real kicker. The answer is not necessarily relevant and doesn’t matter all that much - unless it does.

The real value is in the practice of asking the questionin not accepting the first answer or the default without digging deeper.

Your morning routine might be on point. Or maybe it isn’t. But you’ll never know until you ask the question.

Your choice of coffee might be perfect for you. Or maybe it isn’t. But you’ll never know until you ask the question.

This may seem like a simple experiment. That’s because it is. But the practice can have serious repercussions in our lives (in the best way possible).

When we start to challenge what we’re given, we start to take a stance for the life that we want.

We acknowledge our power and ability to choose how our lives unfold and the role we ultimately play. I’m not saying there is anything inherently wrong with the default option.

Because that might be exactly what you need. But you may be severely limiting yourself if you accept this without due consideration for anything else.

And all you have to do is begin asking the question: Is this what I want? Does this work for me? Is this the best option available.

Curiosity is your ally and can become one of your greatest strengths.

Honor your curiosity. Develop your curiosity.

You’ll be glad you did.



Evan CookComment