Paint your globe.

This is a cool mobility/range of motion activity I learned from Katy Bowman's book, "Move Your DNA." I'm probably butchering the specifics but it goes a little something like this.

Pretend you're standing in a sphere i.e. your globe. Now, also pretend that you have a paint brush in each hand.

Your goal is to paint as much of this globe in as many ways as you can. So even if you paint an area by moving up and down, go back over it from left to right, right to left, and even diagonally. 

You can also "paint" the lower half of the globe with your lower body.

This is cool because it does two main things. First, you move your joints through far more movement patterns and a more varied range of motion than you normally would in your daily life. Second, it also brings awareness to your body and how you're moving. Many times, we move out of habit. This enables to learn how to move with intention.

It's a simple activity but don't let this simplicity mask how powerful it can be,

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