Overnight Success Is A Dangerous Myth

Dear Friends,

One of the most destructive ideologies, at least when it comes to our wellbeing, is this idea that if we know the secrets, tricks, and shortcuts we can get what we want in an instant. If not instantly than in some increment of 14 or 30 days.

Why is this so damaging? Two reasons. The first is that this usually just isn’t true and creates a misleading false sense of hope. It hurts.

Second, things quickly attained are usually quickly lost.

Ever try to lose x amount of weight in y days? One of two things likely happened, and these directly relate to the two reasons above. It either didn’t happen or if it did, you found yourself back where you started in the same amount of time or quicker.

This applies just as much to your business, your success, and your relationships as it does your health.

But, Ev, so-and-so is so successful or fit or has the best relationships. I want that too.

You can have that. You can have whatever you want. But you have to deserve what you want. As Charlie Munger said (Berkshire Hathway’s second in command), to get what you want you have to deserve what you want. The world isn’t yet a crazy enough place to give to undeserving people.

Do you think 30 days is long enough to earn it? I don’t. And if you do, unfortunately, you’re likely setting yourself up for a world of (unnecessary) disappointment.

This isn’t to say that 30 days isn’t enough time to take some massive action toward what you want. But 30 days is likely to be one of many benchmarks, not the finish line.

Because if we can’t get what we want overnight, what are we to do?

We focus on the gradual, incremental shifts that put us in alignment with the person we need to BECOME to get what we want.

This starts with a choice that moves into action and eventually becomes a habit. As the homie Aristotle said, excellence is not an act but a habit.

So, choose excellence. Take the long road to success. Elect to become the person that deserves to get what you want.

If there is a way, my friends, then this is it.

With Love,


Evan CookComment