Nothing Exists In Isolation

Dear Friends,

In scientific studies, it’s crucial that those that are running the study isolate as many variables as possible.

This ensures that the focus of the test is the only thing changing and therefore the results obtained are unique to that one variable.

This is how most health and fitness research is conducted and for now is the best approach we have to figure out how our world works.

The challenge when we take that approach to our lives is that very few things truly exist in isolation.

The fact that researchers have to isolate a variable is proof in itself that whatever they are testing was not originally in isolation.

Why do I bring this up?

When we view certain tenants of our life - our health, wealth, love, and happiness, for example - as independent silos, we miss out on all of the transferable knowledge amongst the other tenants.

Chances are there are things that you are doing that are not positively contributing to your wealth that also create similar issues for your health.

We don’t often recognize this because we think the challenges are separate and distinct. They are not.

By the same token, things that work well in one area (focus, supportive habits, etc.) likely work well in another.

Now, I’m not as concerned with what is not working as I am with what is.

Because when we’re out working hard to become faster, quicker, better, and stronger in any area of our lives, once we find something that works in one area we can immediately apply that to another area.

With all of my heart, I truly believe that strength is a transferrable skill.

Physical strength developed in the gym is 100% transferable to every other facet of your life. Without question.

Confidence developed through lifting some heavy ass weight or pushing through a particularly challenging workout does not exist in isolation.

Confidence is confidence, regardless of its origin.

When we begin to acknowledge this, we start to see how simple it is to grow, progress and develop.

There’s never a need to overhaul your entire life.

Focus on one area. Get that to where you want to be.

Then use what you learn and take what worked to every other area.

Strength in the gym becomes strength in the kitchen and with our food choices.

Strength with our food choices becomes strength with our other consumption choices (books, tv, movies, etc.)

Strength in what we consume becomes strength in our relationships and who we surround ourselves.

Strength in our relationships becomes strength in our happiness.

And strength in our happiness becomes strength in our wealth - and never the other way around.

Nothing exists in isolation.

Focus. Show up. Do the work.

Then take what you learned, find what worked, and apply that to another area of your life.

Then another.

And then another.

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to become unstoppable, well, I think we might have found your answer.

Until next time.

With Love,


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