My #1 Fitness and Nutrition Philosophy


Dear Friends,

There's no shortage of fitness and nutrition information out there. 

But most of what's readily available is based on a theory. 

For example, carbs are bad, or grains are bad, or fats are bad. 

All theories. Something is or isn't. Or rather, the notion that something might or might not be. 

I propose an alternative, and the cool thing is that once mastered in your fitness and nutrition, you can use it in all other areas of your life. 

Instead of basing an entire way of eating on an idea, I propose we develop a philosophy or a philosophical approach.

What we're doing is defining our way of thinking. Instead of focusing on the answers, we focus on the question. 

That may sound like something out of a fortune cookie but think about it. I'm not suggesting that we never get the answers we're after. 

I'm simply suggesting that by focusing more on asking outstanding questions that we will, by default, get better answers. 

What this is going to allow you to do is build out your very own Owner's Manual, one of my favorite concepts that is the foundation of the ProCoach Curriculum is use in my coaching.

This is all built on the one philosophy that guides most of what I do as a coach. 

Are you ready?

Alright, here it is. 

Is it working?

If yes, continue/do more.

If no, do less/do not pass go, do not collect $200. 

That's it. It's sound so simple. 

And that's the point. 

I swear some people say things in a way to make it seem like only they have the answers to your most pressing questions. 

None of this is a secret. There is no magic pill.

What’s even more interesting about all of this is that there was a study done that just 55% of patients were taking certain medications that were literally life-saving for the chronic situation that ailed them.

So even if there were a magic pill, only half of us would ever regularly take it.

When I work with clients, I think back to some of Daniel Pink’s work in his book “Drive” and how what we’re really after is autonomy, mastery (I opt for proficiency), and purpose.

80-90% proficiency in almost anything is not that difficult. It just takes time. We have to put in the reps.

And 80-90% is really all any of us needs. If you're a professional, that last bit matters a bit more. But for most of us, the law of diminishing returns takes over, and we’re best served to focus on something else.

By answering “is it working” and building out an owner’s manual for your body, mind, and life, you’re getting all three of the components I mentioned above:


I’m a fitness and nutrition coach. I’m pretty good at what I do. But I’m not the export of YOU. That’s your job. I ask you the question. You get to answer it. And then if you get stuck I’m here to help, but the answer itself is all your own.


You can read all you want about fitness and nutrition, but without a structured approach that teaches you how to implement what you’ve learned, you’ll never be able to act on it. But when you are taking action and adapting and adjusting based on the results you’re getting, you’re well on your way to mastering your body, mind, and life.


I’m a big believer that everything works, but not everything is going to work for you. You have to know why you do what you do and there must be a purpose behind it. This takes “is this working” and adds in “is this working, for me?” It’s then taking it one step further and trying to figure out why. A Saturday morning workout sounds good in theory, but maybe you’d much rather go to breakfast with your parents instead because it's one of the only opportunities you have to see them. Saturday morning training works for some, but maybe it doesn’t work for you. 


Are you starting to see how different of a shape this is taking than the majority of the fitness and nutrition information that’s pushed on the inter-webs?

I understand the need for many trainers, coaches, and experts to share their expertise but most are just carpet bombing us with facts and figures that are probably great, informative, and insightful.

They plead their case with enthusiasm and charisma.

But often all this does is lead us into doing something we think we SHOULD do instead of something that actually works for us.

Remember, ask better questions so you can get better answers. Find what works for you.

Prioritize questions over answers, philosophy over theory.

Put all of your energy and focus into being curious about who you are and what makes you thrive.

When you do, the answers will come then action will follow.

When you do, it becomes easy to forge that unbreakable, unshakeable, unstoppable body, mind, and life you’ve always wanted.

With Love,

Evan CookComment