Motivation Comes From Within

Dear Friends,

Through all four years of high school, I was a member of the soccer team.

During my freshman year, I was fortunate to get some time with the head coach who is a local legend when it comes to coaching sports teams.

As simple as it may seem, one of my favorite things that he did for us was he ordered us all warm-up t-shirts. For the longest time, this was my favorite shirt.


Because the graphic on the back boldly pronounced, “Motivation comes from within."

I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was this very mantra that ultimately spurred my interest in motivation, inspiration, and high performance.

It’s fun when you get to look back and connect these dots.

I love little snippets of language that are so simple and eloquent, short, yet powerful, something that says exactly what you want to say in a single digit number of words.

For the longest time, I forgot about this bold proclamation and carried about my business.

As a result, through high school, and through college I began pursuing external motivations.

I don’t know if it helped that I listened to a lot of mainstream hip-hop, but all of that talk about the money, cars, and clothes certainly made an impression on this impressionable youth.

But I began chasing after things with a lot of flash but very little substance.

I desperately wanted to be great, but I wanted to be great for the wrong reasons. I wanted recognition. I wanted the finer things in life not because I appreciated quality but so people would see me.

All I wanted was to be seen. But the only thing I was doing was seeking out the things that hid who I was.

I slowly started to realize that it was in the stories I told myself about who I should be instead of who I wanted to be that were holding me back.

It was my mindset that needed work and nothing else.

It was an inside game.

Through all of my work over the past few years, it’s pretty clear that success is an inside game. Greatness is an inside game. Excellence is an inside game. High performance is an inside game.

It all starts from within. It all comes from within. It all originates within.

If there is one thing I can ever impress upon you, it's this: you have to get your mind right to get what you want.

It’s the only way.

The good news, it’s easy to change.

We often talk about how old habits die hard and how tough it is to make changes.

With that attitude, it is.

But I get it. I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve been there. But I’ve seen a better way.

When we realize that all we have to do is shift our mindset, it quickly becomes evident how simple and straightforward it is to get what we want. And it doesn’t matter what that want is.

Now the kicker, this process doesn’t happen overnight. The mental shift can occur instantaneously, but the physical creation takes some time.

This delay from mind to matter is where most of us trip up. We think because we stepped up our mental game that things are going to appear magically.

Over time, I think you’ll be surprised at what shows up. But it’s rarely instantaneous. It takes some time to BECOME the person who deserves to get, who deserves to achieve, who deserves to succeed in the areas you want.

You must become that person.

You must show up as that person.

If you’re not yet that person, that’s fine. You’ll get there. There’s nothing wrong with where you are. You just know there’s something you want, and you’re on a mission to get it.

Many of those around you won’t understand.

That’s ok. They are not there yet. Someday they might be. Support them.

Support them because you now know how much it sucks to feel alone and not understood as you begin to surrender the old you for the new you.

Support them even if they don’t ever understand.

It’s not their job to understand. And it isn’t your job to explain yourself.

Your job is to show up.

Your job is to do your work.

That’s your job.

Do your job.

You’re ready to become the person you need to become to get what you want. Commit to yourself.

No longer will you make empty resolutions but rather actionable goals designed around the choices, actions, and habits that make these goals appear almost magically.

Because the magic is in the work. The magic is in doing your job. The magic is showing up, each and every day to lead with your head and live from your heart.

That’s what makes the magic.

Motivation comes from within. Find it within yourself to begin creating the magic. The world needs more people who believe in magic.

Let’s give them a reason to believe.

With Love,


Evan CookComment