Let In The Light

Dear Friends,

Old habits die hard. Oddly enough, it’s often these old habits that are keeping us stuck where we are instead of enabling us to get where we want to be.

Maybe you think that because things have been this way for so long, or this is how you’ve always lived then your life will never change.

You’re destined for the path you’re on so why bother?

First and foremost, please do not give up. Please do not give up on your dreams. More importantly, please do not give up on your self. Ever (even if there’s a fire).

I believe in you. I see the light in you. The world needs your gift.

The sad truth is many that came before us made it difficult to express ourselves. We’ve accepted a culture that talks the talk of being true to yourself, but does not walk the walk.

For every step you take in the direction you want, there are ten times as many things working against you to keep you where you are.

But that never means it’s hopeless. Never give up hope. Please, don’t ever give up hope.

I was reading an interesting analogy recently. If you switch on a light, no matter how long the room was dark, the light will still shine.

Read that again.

 It doesn’t matter how long a room was dark, when you flip the switch the light goes on.

This reminded me of how Headspace founder Andy Puddicombe describes your mind during meditation.

Your mind is the sky and your thoughts are the clouds. No matter how many thoughts (clouds) are present, the sky above it (your mind) is always clear and blue. If you’ve ever flown in an airplane, I’m sure you’ve seen this first hand.

What does this mean for you?

If this metaphorical room of your life is dark, open the shades and let in the light. It was always there. If this metaphorical sky of your mind is cloudy, let the clouds pass and enjoy the sun. It was always there. You just couldn’t see it.

Like the room or the sky, the life you want is always there. 

You just have to let in the light.


With Love,


Evan CookComment