Giving Care

Dear Friends,
Over the past few weeks, I've been in the process of moving into a new home with the women whom I will soon call my wife. We've now been living in our new home for a month and we're finally starting to settle in nicely.
It's a wonderful feeling to move forward with the one you love. 
Moving is moving. It's hectic, stressful, and a little crazy. Yes, everything is nice and new, but all of those moving parts need to come together. 
During the final weeks in 2015, I admittedly had not been sleeping well, eating well or being well. At least not to my usual standards.
I have these standards because I've spent the last five years in experiment mode figuring out what makes me most come alive and enables me to thrive. 
I need the energy to get the things done that I want to get done. We all do. 
In the book, the Power of Full Engagement, the authors point out that energy, not time, is the true marker of high performance. 
If we want to be a high performer in anything, we must treasure our energy with everything we have. 
Energy enables action. And we all know what about action? (Hint: It’s EVERYTHING).
So how do we do that? How do we create an energetic external environment that supports an energetic, vibrant internal environment?
We give ourselves the care we deserve.
I purposely phrased this as giving care instead of taking care. It's subtle, and we get to the same place, but it's an important distinction. 
When we take something, we may feel selfish. And self-care is never selfish. 
But when we give something, we're coming from a place of love and generosity. 
Giving our bodies and minds the care it deserves is the only way we'll be able to continue to thrive.
We can get by on fumes for a bit but when you start to realize you're running on empty, it's time to step up that maintenance schedule and double down on you. 
So instead of beating ourselves up with resolutions, I extend this invitation to explore ways to give your Self more thoughtful, loving care. Give your Self the care it deserves, so you have the energy and vitality to show up with poise, confidence, and power each and every day. That’s a “new year, new you” I can get behind.
With Love,

Evan CookComment