Focus On The Solution

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Dear Friends,

I’m a firm believer that we always have a choice.

This includes the opportunity to choose whether or not we focus on a problem or a solution to that problem.

Or better yet, the opportunity that lies within such a problem.

I’ve quickly learned that there is power in the latter but not really so much in the former.

When we focus on a problem, it becomes just that - a problem.

Something we can access and analyze and figure out what went wrong. But it stops there.

When we focus on a solution, it becomes an opportunity.

Yes, it’s still important to figure out what didn’t go so well so that we open up the opportunity to learn.

But I’ve found it’s more important to focus on the actions you will take to overcome whatever stands in your way.

Focusing on what you CAN DO, versus what you coulda, shoulda, woulda done.

The challenge is often in that we forget that we do in fact have the ability to choose how we approach any situation.

And I get it. It sucks when we screw up something or something unexpected gets in our way.

It’s ok to feel frustrated. It’s ok to feel angry.

But it’s not ok to stop there.

At that moment, you get to choose how you will channel that energy.

I hate losing, but I love learning.

Because this gives me some extra fuel to push through anything that stands in my way, armed to the teeth with new insight from the school of hard knocks.

I used to be a fan of the easy way. It’s all good. We’re hard-wired to conserve energy.

But now, I’ll take a good ole’ fashioned challenge any day.



Because in every challenge lies an opportunity to for me tap into the most powerful parts of myself.

To push myself in ways that cannot be recreated under any other circumstances.

To unleash levels of creativity, that can only be tapped by some outside force.

Just because something is hard-wired doesn’t mean you can’t swap out the wiring.

It just takes work.

Yup. That means we need to show up and do our work with our heads down and our hearts up.

Only then will you be able to see the beautiful silver lining in every situation.

Only then will you be able to find unbreakable focus and determination.

Only then, will you become unstoppable.

And that’s something that’s within each and every one of us.

But as always, we just have to go find it.

It’s there. I promise. 

Go find it.


Evan CookComment