Experiment to WIN This Whole Fitness and Nutrition Thing

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No one, and I mean no one, is going to understand your body like you do.

So often we give up this inherent personal power in an attempt to be saved by some fitness guru or nutrition program.

“They have to have the answers,” you think, “they’ve got it all figured out.”

As someone who offers fitness and nutrition coaching, you might think I’m putting my foot in my mouth.

But ask any of my clients, and you’ll know I approach things differently than most. Sure, I have some answers, but honestly, I have more questions than answers.

I believe in the fundamentals. The fundamentals are principles. And while principles are largely universal, their application is going to be unique to you.

I’m not a guru; I’m a guide, a support system, an advocate, and your biggest fan.

I’m not on a soapbox waxing poetic about some magic formula rather I’m by your side helping you navigate the muddy waters of fitness and nutrition information.

I also believe everything works, but not everything is going to work for you. The secret to your success is finding what works for you and what doesn’t so you can do more of the former and less of the latter.

When it comes down to it, everything I do with my clients is an experiment. My recommendations are rooted in the fundamental principles I just mentioned, but this is more from a place of curiosity than citing "facts."

In the Agile software development framework, "Scrum," this is referred to Empiricism, which means we make decisions based on what we've learned versus what we think we know.

Just because I make a recommendation doesn’t mean it’s an answer to something. More often than not, it’s a question we’re trying to answer. “Try this” really means “let’s see if this works and go from there.” I don’t know if it’ll work. I’ll focus on the things I think will, but we won’t know until we try.

In scientific research, the “sample size” or number of participants in a study is referenced as “n.”

In your life, you’re conducting an ongoing study of n=1, which means you're the subject of your own research and the only subject.

Now, there’s a good chance you’re reading this after having tried anything and everything under the sun. You’re frustrated and discouraged by your lack of sustainable progress and results. You want answers, and you want them now.

I won’t ever downplay that frustration. I feel for you. I get it.

Let’s flip that on its head for a minute because in that frustration is a lot of useful information. What you’ve found is likely a lot of things that just didn’t work for you. And in that are also likely a lot of things that did work for you.

Maybe something was working, but you got a bit overzealous and did a little too much too soon. This is more common than you may know.

There’s something we can learn from every experience when we frame our experience as an opportunity to play, experiment and explore instead of putting all of our hope and faith that we’ve found “the answer.”

Maybe you have. Maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’re close, but you need a little guidance to make it your own.

Small shifts often lead to the best results. We don’t have to overhaul our lives to build strength and confidence in and out of the gym and kitchen.

We just have to figure out how to do this in a way that works for you.

To do this, start by phrasing things as questions instead of answers.

For example, “Will this work for me,” will take you much further than “This will work for me?” Small shifts, wildly different results.

Think you might want a bit of guidance bringing this to life? Let’s consider working together.

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But if I see an opportunity for us to work together, I’ll mention it. You’ll probably know fairly quickly if it’s right for you.

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