Do Something, Anything

Dear Friends,

This past Wednesday I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Was it necessary?

Probably not. But I was and there's no use spending time trying to figure if I should or should not have felt a certain way.

It's ok to be overwhelmed. Not always necessary but always ok.

There is nothing inherently wrong with it.

Really, when you break it down, it's just a form of discomfort that arises when there are too many inputs and not enough outputs. 

You overwhelm the system - and in this case the system was me. 

Looking back, I did what most systems do when they get overwhelmed. I shut down. 

Cut off the inputs. 

But there was another option.

Now, I don't regret feeling the way I did. After all, it lead to some great self-discovery and even me writing this.

And it's very important we reflect so we can use that information to move forward with more grace, power, and poise. 

The other option was to increase the output. 

That is, take more action. 

I was fully capable of doing so. But I didn't. 

I could have done something, anything, that would have helped move me from that place of overwhelm to one of action and calm. 

Like fear or anything else that is uncomfortable, the antidote is almost always an action of some kind. 

Even if that action is to consciously choose to be comfortable in the discomfort. 

Action is everything. 

So the next time you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, try the following. 

Stop for a second. This pause will create some space between you and the feeling. 

Then, find one small thing you can do to move through the discomfort. Unfortunately, you can't go around it. It's going to be with you. So you're going to have to push through it. 

Once you have that, go do it. Again, you'll still be uncomfortable and you'll be acting from a place of faith in yourself. And really you don't need much more than that. 

Once you're moving, and taking action, the paralysis begins to lift and you use this momentum to fully break free. 

It's simple, yes. But I reckon it'll take some practice to get it to work how and when you want it to.

Awareness is always the first piece so even if it doesn't work the first time, be proud You’re now aware of what's happening in your body and mind. 

It's from the place of awareness that you'll be able to do something, anything about you current situation. 

There's immense power in knowing you always have the choice to take action. 

Take care, my friends. 


With Love,


Evan CookComment