Dangers of Demonizing

No food or food group is, by definition, "good" or "bad." No matter what you eat, your body will break down the food into its most basic molecular form to be used as fuel. Your body doesn't care if it's an apple or a cheeseburger - your body will break down the carbs into glucose, the fat into lipids, and the protein into amino acids. This isn't anecdotal, it's science.

Many of the issues we have with food come from an unhealthy relationship with what we eat. When we create unnecessary restrictions (that is, with no medically directed reasons), we foster an unsustainable environment that often results in disaster.

Now, this isn't a free pass to eat Twinkies all day. But it is a free pass to eat the damn Twinkie if you like Twinkies (I'm more of a Zebra Cake guy myself)andit fits within your general macronutrient goals. 

Because here's the thing, it's incredibly difficult to hit macro goals eating foods that are nutrient-deficient (as opposed to nutrient-dense). A good maxim to consider is this: your body composition is dictated by the quantity (how much and of what) of the food you eat, your health is dictated by the quality (we need certain vitamins and minerals to thrive). Any food can fulfill the former but it generally takes whole foods to fulfill the latter.

Evan CookComment