Avoid Majoring In The Minors

Dear Friends,

Have you ever heard of Pareto’s Principle?

If not, I’m sure you’ve heard of the 80/20 rule. 

Basically, 80% of your results can come from 20% of your efforts.

The most effective anything will produce 80% of what you want with only 20% input. It’s pretty crazy when you think about it. But it works.

The best way I’ve ever heard this principle described is to not major in the minors. Or, don’t do the things that require 80% of your effort and only produce 20% of the results. Max effort, minimal results. No bueno.

That’s right. The 80/20 rule can just as easily work against you.

That’s good news though. 

If you’re doing something that is requiring an incredible amount of effort but doesn’t seem to be producing the best results, you can safely assume there is a more efficient option.

It might not be blatantly obvious at first. Like most things, you might have to work at it a bit.

But with the right choices and the appropriate action you’ll be able to create a new system that works in your favor.

The key to not majoring in the minors though, is essentially remembering not to sweat the small stuff.


Let’s say you’re making some lifestyle changes and one of your goals is to build some muscle and maybe shed some fat.

Majoring in the minors is worrying about small fluctuations on the scale. Focusing on taking the appropriate action and developing the powerful habits that result in that unbreakable body and mind that you want is far more effective.

When you do that you’re banking on the long game. That’s all you have to do. Choose the long game, take action toward it (any action will do), and begin to develop the habits that support what you want. Build the systems in your life that support you.

That’s playing in the majors, my friends.

Choose to play that game.

With Love,


Evan CookComment