An Object In Motion

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Dear Friends,

An object in motion tends to stay in motion.

This is great news.

First, this is not just my idea rather it is a law of physics. A law. Of Physics.

Second, it further supports the notion that action is everything.

Because it is.

But this isn’t just about taking action. It’s about what happens when we do.

When we start taking action, we tend to start taking more action.

And more action. Then a little more action.

But we've only gotten a piece of the story. We need to finish the statement.

Because an object at rest also tends to stay at rest.

So I get it when you want to begin taking action but are having a tough time doing so.

I get it.

This law of physics works both ways.

But there’s still more.

“…unless acted on by an outside force."

That’s all that’s needed to take an object at rest and put it into action.

An outside force.

Notice how it didn’t say how big the force had to be. It just has to be an outside force.

Many of us often think we need to take these big, sweeping actions to get the ball rolling.

But more often than not, all we needed to do was take one small step in that direction.

And another.

And then another.

Showing up and consistently doing our work, however, small and minute that may be is the secret to building momentum.

We just have to get started.

We just have to find that first step.

And once we do, it’ll take some other outside force to stop us.

Want to know the secret to prevent that from happening?

Don’t stop moving. Be unstoppable. The more steps you take, the tougher it will be to slow us do.

The more momentum we have, the more unstoppable we become.

There’s a reason it takes a fully loaded train nearly a mile to stop.


Be like that train. Be unstoppable.

Don’t stop moving.

And remember, all it takes to get started is that one step.

Charge on, my dear friends.



Evan CookComment